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“We learn from history what we do not learn from history.” Hegel
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Fall Semester 2014

My name is Jason R. Suárez and I am an instructor of History at El Camino College where I teach World History, Latin American History and the History of Mexico. I also teach one section of College Success at Santa Barbara City College. The World History Portal serves as the doorway to all the courses I teach at El Camino College and Santa Barbara City College. Look to the menu on the left to locate the link to the course you are enrolled in this semester. This portal will also provide students with access to resources related the study of history and college success. I am truly excited to have the opportunity to work with you this semester!   El Camino College’s Department of History offers a comprehensive curriculum which seeks to expose its students to the diversity and complexities of the human past, to engage students in the historian's craft and research methodology, to provide students with essential knowledge and critical thinking skills needed for successful study of history at four-year institutions and to cultivate student awareness of the many applications of the study of history.
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